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The ALC was formed in 1994 to serve as a unified, national voice for professional loggers across the United States. Made up of a coalition of state and regional logging associations and councils, ALC represents more 30 states across the U.S.

ALC is the only national organization solely dedicated to representing the independent contract logger on the national level. We have the combined forces of independent contractors and state and regional logging associations around the country to impact our industry positively and pro-actively by sharing the benefits of education and training opportunities, networking, research, promotion and legislative coordination.  
ALC members in Washington D.C.
With the adoption of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) by the American Forest and Paper Association in 1994, it was clear that American Loggers needed a strong, consistent presence in order to impact issues on a national level. This coalescing event was, in effect, the beginning of the ALC.

To enhance the logging profession, provide a unified voice on logging issues; and cooperate with public, industrial and private timberland owners to further sustainable forestry practices.


The Council is committed to enhancing the logging profession, establishing a more level playing field for professional loggers and providing accurate information about the logging profession to the forest products companies, landowners and the public. It serves as a national network and communication center, linking local, state and regional organizations around the country.

ALC had a presence at a loggers rally in Madison, WI.

As a professional logging contractor I will strive to operate in such a way as to engender the public’s trust including meeting or exceeding the standards and principles listed below:

Promote ethical conduct for all loggers.
Strive to always meet standards for harvesting practices, which are consistent with the principles of sustainable forestry.
To operate responsibly in all phases of the harvesting operation, from the actual harvesting activities to clean-up requirements following harvest.
Loggers attend an annual meeting at an Arizona logging site.
Recognizing private landowner rights, I will strive to meet the landowners objectives as long as they are consistent with sustainable forestry principles, federal, state and local laws.
I will do all I can to educate and inform landowners about the need to meet sustainable forestry principles.
I will participate in such training and educational programs that will provide my recognition as having met the appropriate requirements for logger education and training as envisioned by sustainable forestry principles.
Comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulation, industry standards and guidelines applicable to the conduct of forest harvest operations.
Conduct harvest operations in a safe manner and in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health regulations including safety planning and all provisions of such requirements.
To operate my company as a responsible member of the business community including compliance with all requirements and practices as they relate to my employees, vendors and others I do business with.
Continually strive to maintain positive relationships with landowners, procurement and mill personnel and the public in general.
Do my part to assure that my industry has a positive image and to work with peer groups, loggers associations and others to strive to bring all loggers up to these standards.
Take an active role in local, state and national loggers organizations.
Strive to continually improve my operations through training, innovation, employee programs and other appropriate means.

Act responsibly to uphold the integrity of the logging profession.