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Spotlight on the Missouri Master Logger Certification Program

Master Logger Certification programs are growing around the country and considered an asset for timber harvesting stakeholders. A recent research report, Value Assessment of Certified Logger Programs, released in late November, by the Wood Supply Research Institute (Gary Mullaney, James W. Sewell Company, 2018) suggest Master Logger Certification programs are providing value for loggers, landowners, mills and the public at large. This is certainly the case in Missouri, with its diverse forest products economy comprised of primary and secondary wood products, supplier and service industries, loggers and landowners. 


Missouri Master Logger Certification was established in 2008 by the Missouri Forest Products Association and is administered through the Missouri Logging Council.  While relatively young and somewhat small when compared to other states’ Master Logger Certification programs, it has doubled in size over the last two years and is on pace for continued growth and recognition. This rigorous performance-based program was developed with two main goals in mind. The first goal is to ensure the long-term sustainability of Missouri’s forested land, and the second is to improve relationships between key stakeholders in the forest products industry—the loggers, the mills, the landowners and the public. 


Like other Master Logger Certification state programs endorsed by the American Loggers Council, the Missouri Master Logger Certification program is not simply a training program.  This voluntary program is based on a third party audit of a company’s on-the-ground harvesting and business practices, examining over 68 performance measures. Missouri Master Logger Certification is a recognition and acknowledgment of the professionalism of both the individual logger and the business of logging.  Missouri State Forester Lisa Allen states “Master Loggers are individuals who really care about the resource.  They have made the effort to invest the time, money and resources to ensure things are done right”.


Missouri’s Master Loggers are considered “the best of the best” in the timber harvesting profession. The benefits that go along with this prestigious credential are paying off for stakeholders in terms of sustainable, safe and productive harvests and high quality forest products.  Missouri Forest Products Association produced an excellent promotional video about their Certified Master Logger program.


Master Loggers are finding their achievement is rewarded with lower insurance rates, preferential treatment by mills and through the Missouri Department of Conservation.  Mike Morris, Forest Products Program Supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation says that by offering incentives to Missouri Master Loggers “We recognize the superior quality of logging operations and less time spent by timber sale administrators overseeing the job.  This allows our staff to accomplish more work in other areas”. 


For landowners, one important benefit of using a Missouri Master Logger is harder to quantify, but perhaps most important of all—Peace of Mind.  Missouri Landowner David Patterson, explains that by contracting with a Certified Master Logger “We feel like we are getting the most professional guy out there.  The cream of the crop. The best of the best”. 


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