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Santee Risk Managers LLC Announces Underwriting Appointments

Santee Risk Managers LLC (SRM), part of American Loggers Insurance Program, announced today that Jamie Bosse and Mike Beardsley have been appointed as authorized Underwriters by Lloyd’s of London.
In this capacity, Bosse and Beardsley will participate in all related Inland Marine classes, reporting to Cathy Davis, Underwriting Manager and George Gould, Chief Operating Officer of SRM.
Beardsley expands his role within SRM, in conjunction with managing its sales and marketing department. He has been instrumental in helping to grow the specialized logging book of business and making it a first choice for agents, logging contractors and those wishing to develop specialized insurance programs. Before joining the insurance industry, Beardsley worked as Director of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine Association.
Bosse joins SRM in connection with American Loggers Insurance Program, where she held specific property and casualty insurance responsibilities. Based on her personal family background in the logging business, Bosse brings a wealth of specialized product knowledge and enthusiasm to the SRM team.
Tim Varney, Chief Executive Officer of SRM and American Loggers Insurance Program, said: “Both Jamie and Mike have demonstrated exceptional capability in managing our unique classes of business and we are proud to congratulate them on their extraordinary accomplishment. With their experience and knowledge, we are confident that they will continue to develop our inland marine business. Please join me in welcoming them into their new roles.”

ALC Membership Means Representation

logger2In 1994 a group of loggers from around the country met and formed the first-ever national trade association dedicated to representing independent logging contractors and log truckers. Made up of state and regional logging associations, the American Loggers Council today represents professional timber harvesters in 32 states.

Over the years it became apparent that there were many loggers who were not being represented by the ALC simply because their state or region did not have a logging association. So in 2004 the ALC bylaws were amended to add an individual logger membership category. Individual loggers are represented on the council’s Board of Directors. They may join regardless of whether or not they live in a state that has a logging association.

According to ALC Executive Vice President Danny Dructor, “for the ALC, it is all about representation. Our goal is to represent professional timber harvesters in every state where commercial logging is found. Our issues are often unique to the timber harvesting industry; our positions may not always concur with other forest industry organizations; and it is better to have an organization that understands the issues from a harvesting perspective representing loggers in Washington, DC.

“Last year, we added two new state organizations, the Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers of Minnesota and the West Virginia Loggers Council. The ALC is already benefitting from having these associations on board. We recently lined up co-sponsors for the Securing America’s Next Generation of Safe Loggers and Truckers Act, H.R. 3283, as a direct result of the work of the ACLT.

“There are many loggers who do not have the organizational structure within their state or region and are not being represented on the federal level. We would be happy to visit with them and discuss the possibility of forming a state association, or they could consider joining the ALC individually. Either way, they would benefit by having ALC represent them on the Hill.”

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ALC Member Co-Authors White Paper on Collaboration

550642-BID-mike-albrechtMike Albrecht, the 2014 ALC Logger Activist of the Year Award recipient, recently co-authored a white paper on forest collaboration. Mike is the owner of Sierra Resource Management, Inc. of Modesto, Calif. The white paper is available for download in PDF format by clicking here.

The white paper explains that, unless action is undertaken to confront the problem of deepening frustrations by many citizens’ collaborative groups, it is likely that the collaborative outcomes envisioned by the USDA Forest Service will not be achieved.

It is the hope of the authors that this paper will be instrumental in beginning a national dialogue concerning this growing trend of frustration among citizens’ collaborative groups working with the Forest Service and that actions can be taken to strengthen citizen collaboration.

Mike co-authored the white paper with John Buckley, Past Co-Chair of Yosemite Stanislaus Solutions in California; and Gary Severson, Past Chair, Colorado Bark Beetle Cooperative in Colorado.

New Forest Service Stewardship Regulations; A Few, but not Many, Surprises.

Although stewardship contracts and agreements have existed since 1999, in the wake of Congress having made the authority to enter into stewardship projects permanent in the 2014 Farm Bill, without notice and the opportunity for comment, the Forest Service has just issued regulations regarding the award and administration of these instruments.

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Nancy Loomis and Patsy Thornton: Log A Load’s 2016 Volunteer Champions

The Log A Load For Kids Foundation today named Nancy Loomis of Clearwater Paper Corporation and Patsy Thornton of Potlatch Corporation as their 2016 Volunteer Champions. Continue reading “Nancy Loomis and Patsy Thornton: Log A Load’s 2016 Volunteer Champions”

Be Engaged – Get out and Vote

With primaries right around the corner for most of us, now is not the time to become complacent with your right to vote. It is important that you know the candidates, know the issues, and know which side of the issues that the candidates. Below is the wisdom of 6 individuals and their quotes on the importance of exercising your right to vote. Continue reading “Be Engaged – Get out and Vote”

USFWS Announces Protections for Northern Long Eared Bat

In an effort to conserve the northern long-eared bat, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced a final rule today that uses flexibilities under section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to tailor protections to areas affected by white-nose syndrome during the bat’s most sensitive life stages. Continue reading “USFWS Announces Protections for Northern Long Eared Bat”

Let the Markets Help Our Forest Fire Issue

There are few things Democrats and Republicans in Washington can agree upon. One is that the western wildfire problem has gotten out of control. From the overwhelming firefighting costs to the amount of acres at high fire risk due to challenges of drought, insects and fuels build-up, the issue has ballooned like the actual fires themselves. Solutions, however, have been hard to find. Continue reading “Let the Markets Help Our Forest Fire Issue”

Congress Fails to Reach Agreement on Forest Reforms

In mid-December it appeared an agreement would be reached to fix the nation’s broken system of wildfire funding while increasing the pace and scale of forest health projects on federal lands. Spurred by an unprecedented coalition of industry, conservation and outdoors groups, and thanks to your engagement and support, bipartisan members in both the House and Senate had agreed to include the negotiated package in the fiscal 2016 Omnibus bill, which Congress passed before the holidays to keep the government running. Continue reading “Congress Fails to Reach Agreement on Forest Reforms”

Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek to Merge

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