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New Grapples Enhance Productivity of John Deere Knuckleboom Loaders

OverallTo stay ahead of the competition, loggers need to keep up at the landing, and the John Deere 437E and 337E Knuckleboom Loaders are now equipped with new grapples manufactured by John Deere to further improve productivity and machine durability. The E-Series machines deliver five percent more swing torque and lift force over previous models, and the new grapple complements these features by improving rotator torque and response times, and enabling higher side loads and rotator lift capacity. The new grapple, available with a 48- or 52-inch opening, is made with a more durable cast design and a larger, more robust rotator, providing loggers with a heavy-duty machine designed to withstand the toughest of jobs.

“If I could describe the new grapple in one word, it would be ‘nimble’ — and my operator agrees,” said Donald Mixon, owner of Mixon Saw Mill in Bermuda, Alabama. “It’s smoother, faster and holds wood well during second thinning. Overall, it just feels tough.”

Key Grapple Features

  • Rotator lift capacity: 123,000 pounds
  • Rotator torque: 36,200 pounds/inch
  • Built with high impact and wear-resistant custom steel

The new grapple is optimized to run from a John Deere carrier versus previous models that utilized a third-party grapple. It’s built to run better by being more integrated into the hydraulics of the machine, which also simplifies service with a John Deere dealer. To learn more, visit or contact your local John Deere dealer.