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Mauck Insurance and Master Logger Certified Companies: A Win-Win Relationship

by Ted Wright, Executive Director, Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands, and Jennifer Hartsig, Coordinator, American Master Logger Certification© Program


We are often asked about the benefits of the American Master Logger Certification program, and certainly questioning ‘What’s in it for me’ is an important business consideration, not to mention part of human nature.  Master Logger Certification is a way to set yourself apart from the pack and prove to your clients and other stakeholders your company is a cut above.  For this article, we’re going to turn the tables a bit and explore how working with Master Logger Certified clients benefits a business’s bottom line.  


Recently we had a chance to talk in depth with Mauck Insurance, a full-service insurance agency located in Niagara, Wisconsin serving primarily the Lake States region.  Thomas Buckingham Sr., General Manager, explained how Mauck, their partner-carrier Secura and its parent group, Forest Insurance Center, differ from a traditional insurance agency. They are owned through a holding company of the Michigan Association of Timbermen & the Great Lakes Timber Professional Association and profits are distributed at the discretion of the board of directors, made of up business owners of the forest products community. They clearly understand that insurance is a difficult part of running a timber harvesting business and is often one of your most costly expenses.  While their company covers many types of business, they specialize in working together to support the forest products industry in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 


As part of our conversation, we came right out and asked: ‘What’s in it for you’ working with a Master Logger Certified company? Mauck insurance has been actively seeking out Master Logger Certified clients for the last ten years because they know they are getting great customers.  Dale Kleffman, Insurance Producer for Mauck, simply states “Master Loggers take the time to go the extra mile and show pride of ownership and a desire to be the best of the best, working with them is almost always a positive and mutually beneficial scenario”.  


Mauck and their product Secura have the numbers to back up their statements.  Master Logger Certified clients run considerably lower loss rates than their non-Certified clients.  They are safer, better business owners. “They are professional and will be profitable for the long term”, says Kleffman.   Substantial discounts across their product line are offered to Master Logger Certified clients.  Mauck is looking to grow their relationship with Master Logger Certified companies across the Lake States and beyond.  


Secura Team members Laurie Zwerg and Allison Paulsen pride themselves on developing close working relationships with their clients in order to understand each business and their individual needs.   Brian Nelson, owner of Marvin Nelson Forest Products in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula says “Having a company that recognizes my participation in a professional certification means a lot to me and my business.  I respect Mauck for that.”  Providing top-notch customer service is clearly a companywide goal for Mauck.  Looking beyond their current clients, they are active supporters of the Forest Products Industry nationwide, and are contributors to the American Loggers Council, Team Safe Trucking and Log-A-Load for Kids.  


Tom Buckingham sees lots of room for growth with Master Logger clients, and states, “we are a company that puts our money where our mouth is.  Master Loggers are the type of people we like to insure”.  Turns out, being a Master Logger Certified company gains you recognition for both your work in the woods and your reputation as a top customer. 


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Tom Buckingham is the General Manager for Mauck Insurance located in Niagara, Wisconsin.  Tom can be reached at