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Loggers Industry Post and Pole markets Survey Now Open

American Loggers Council and its members have been asked to participate in a survey to help determine our interaction and awareness of the small diameter roundwood industry and the post and pole market. Raw material supply is a key limiting factor in the ability of post and pole manufacturers to grow their businesses. This study will help alert forest managers, suppliers, treaters and customers of the raw material needs from post and pole manufacturers. Additionally, the information collected will help educate the Forest Service, landowners and loggers about the post and pole supply characteristics.


The small-diameter roundwood industry has seen many changes over the past 30 years, including supply of raw materials. To examine this, Intermountain Roundwood Association (IRA) and the Western Wood Preservers Institute (WWPI) obtained a US Forest Service grant to create a new study of loggers to provide benchmarks for the roundwood industry and generate current demand information. 


This project is designed to advance knowledge about the value-added small diameter roundwood for the post and pole manufacturing industry.  Roundwood post and pole are an important segment of the forest industry and a key economic driver for rural communities.  The western post and pole industry continue to complain about supply issues from National Forests and other landowners without much voice, metrics or data to determine such impacts. This study hopes to characterize the small roundwood industry for the purpose of obtaining better access to underutilized species and small diameter logs from pre-commercial harvesting and thinning.


Please participate in taking the brief online survey for loggers available now thru June 10th at


If you have any questions related to completing the survey, please call The Beck Group (the survey administrator) at #503-684-3406, Hannah, Zach or Roy are available to help Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.  Or reach back by contacting the IRA secretary at #(360) 693-9958 for details.