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American Loggers Council Board Approves Proposal to Strengthen ALC Master Logger Certification Program

alcloggerDuring the recently held Summer Board of Directors Meeting in Opelika, Alabama on July 29, members of the American Loggers Council voted to move forward with a proposal submitted by the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine and the Trust to Conserve Northeast Forests that would help to revitalize and promote the American Loggers Council Master Logger Certification© program.

Since the program was first adopted in 2000 during the ALC’s Annual meeting held in Beaumont, Texas, 18 states have approved templates for implementation of the program, with several currently implementing the program. The ALC’s national Master Logger Certification© program template provides guidance for the seven areas of responsibility that meet the performance standards of the program, but allows each state participant to tailor their program based on existing state regulations and forest practices acts.

The ALC Master Logger Certification© program is a true third-party certification system that verifies on the ground harvesting and business practices that can meet chain of custody requirements found in many of today’s forest certification systems. Oversight of the program is through the ALC Master Logger Certification committee with individual states and regions implementing the program tailored to their needs.

Participation in the program remains voluntary, and states will be required to determine just how they implement the program, and what costs (if any) might be incurred.

ALC’s Master Logger Committee Chairman Crad Jaynes commented, “The actions taken by the ALC board to support the proposal shows continued support for the principles the ALC Master Logger Certification program was founded on. This energized marketing effort hopefully will improve the recognition of ALC Third Party Certified Master Loggers to the public and demonstrate sustainable timber harvesting is being practiced thus contributing to meeting chain of custody standards in forest certification systems. ALC’s Master Logger Certification program is ‘logger owned and logger run.’ The ALC Master Logger Certification Committee looks forward to working in this process to have ‘true’ third party certified loggers further recognized for their work on the ground and in their business.”

ALC Executive Vice President Danny Dructor stated that “for too long, the professional timber harvesters have had others outside of the timber harvesting industry dictating to them what sustainable harvesting practices should look like. We do not know what the outcome of this program will be, or the benefits, if any, but what we do know is that for the past 100+ years we have been doing business in the same manner with the same results, and unless we as an industry are willing to make changes, it is a guarantee that nothing will change in the current status quo of the procurement process.”