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ALC Visits White House for Presidential Remarks on Environmental Leadership

American Loggers Council (ALC) Executive Vice President Daniel Dructor visited the White House on July 8 to hear President Donald J. Trump deliver remarks on America’s environmental leadership.  


“It was a privilege to attend this White House event and recognize the accomplishments of this administration on natural resources and environmental issues,” Dructor said. “President Trump recognizes the importance of active forest management and the role of America’s loggers as part of the solution.  Under this administration, the federal government and its land management agencies are making clear progress in using all available forestry tools, including thinning and logging, to address the impacts of wildfire, insects and disease on America’s federally-owned forests.  We appreciate the President’s support for our nation’s loggers, and his efforts to improve the economy in our rural communities and throughout America.”


In addition to the American Loggers Council, the nation’s logging community was represented by Associated Oregon Loggers Executive Vice President Jim Geisinger, Associated California Loggers President Mike Albrecht of Sierra Resource Management, Inc. of Sonora, Calif., and Todd Stoffel of Timber Unity, a grassroots movement of loggers and log truckers based in Oregon.