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For most of us, completing a survey pertaining to our businesses or livelihoods is no big deal, unless it competes with time needed to run parts, attend business meetings, repair equipment, attend little league ball games, or get a little extra rest.  To be certain, we often times find ourselves distracted from participating in a survey simply because life is short, and there are a lot of other things needing accomplished on our to-do list.


For that reason, surveys are usually generated to as wide and broad a group as possible, and sometimes the end results can be a little confusing.  That is why we, the American Loggers Council, have decided to create a survey that will only be distributed to our members and those that are directly engaged in the timber harvesting and hauling industry.


While we have heard from many of you in the past on political issues that are impacting your businesses, but now we need to find out just how our industry is doing in the 21st century in order to gauge what it might look like going forward, politics aside.


We went to work with our many sponsors through the American Loggers Council Membership Advisory subcommittee requesting that they help develop the questions that they might have in manufacturing and supplying the many goods and services that all of your operations depend on in order to keep running.  This has been a labor of love for many of the participants, and their feedback has helped to form a survey that can be replicated on a yearly basis in order to better gauge the trends and nuances in the timber harvesting profession that can lead to a better analysis of what is expected for not only our sponsors as they continue to supply the industry, but from all of us as well, as we continue to purchase and utilize their products and services.


Realizing that not all regions across the country are the same, survey participants will remain anonymous, but the regions or states of those that participate in the survey will be revealed.  We hope to have a strong showing across all regions of the country.


The American Loggers Council exists to represent professional timber harvesters and log truckers.  Without you completing surveys like the one presented here, it is difficult for us to keep our hands on the pulse of the industry and what some of the driving issues are outside of Washington.  If we are to continue to represent those that have kept us going for these past 25 years, then we need your input to make certain that we are remaining focused on those things that are impacting you the most, and those that support us and supply us with the many goods and services that are required by our industry will know how to better respond to those needs as well.


We need your input and taking the time to complete this simple survey will ensure that your needs are known to all of those who are working together to make your job better. The survey can be accessed at


Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey, and please feel free to pass it along to others in the industry who you feel should be responding as well.



Daniel J. Dructor
Executive Vice President
American Loggers Council